What Is the Best Priority Pass Lounge at Fukuoka Airport?

The choice of Priority Pass lounges at Fukuoka Airport is not as extensive as at Tokyo Narita or Nagoya Chubu Airports. That said, Lounge Fukuoka – a lounge in the airport’s international terminal – recently joined the network. With that, Priority Pass members actually have more than one option when flying out of the airport on international flights.

Continue reading to find out what the best Priority Pass lounge at Fukuoka Airport is.

Lounge Fukuoka
Lounge Fukuoka joined Priority Pass fairly recently.

There Are No Domestic Priority Pass Lounges at Fukuoka Airport

If you are departing from Fukuoka on a domestic flight, you are out of luck. There are no domestic Priority Pass lounges at the airport.

That said, if you are flying with ANA and have a frequent flyer status with the airline, are a Star Alliance Gold member, or are flying in Premium Class, you will have access to either the airport’s ANA Lounge or ANA Suite Lounge.

Similarly, if you are flying with JAL and have a frequent flyer status with the airline, are a oneworld Sapphire or Emerald member, or are flying in first class, you will have access to either the airport’s JAL Sakura Lounge or JAL Diamond Premier Lounge.

Lastly, if you hold one of select Japanese credit cards or are willing to pay a bit you can use one of the domestic credit card lounges like the Lounge TIME (South). At less than 10 dollars, using one of these lounges can be a good alternative to staying in the public area of the terminal if you are looking to have a drink or two and get some work done.

Lounge TIME South Fukuoka Views
Lounge TIME South offers amazing views of the airport and can be entered by anyone for a small fee.

Priority Pass Lounges in Fukuoka Airport International Terminal

If you are departing from Fukuoka Airport on an international flight, there are two Priority Pass options in the airport’s terminal: KAL Lounge and Lounge Fukuoka.

KAL Lounge

Korean Air’s KAL Lounge at Fukuoka Airport has long been a part of the Priority Pass network. While the lounge is open between 8:30AM and 3:30PM and then 5:30PM and 9PM on most days, Priority Pass members can only use it between 10:30AM and 3:30PM.

The lounge is in a small, windowless room, and only offers limited seating in the form of sofas and sofa chairs.

Do not expect much in terms of drinks and food from the KAL Lounge in Fukuoka either – the refreshments selection is limited given how long (or short) flights from Japan to South Korea are. The last time I visited the lounge, there were some cup noodles and packaged snacks. There were also canned soft drinks and beer and a limited selection of liquor.

In addition to Priority Pass members, the KAL Lounge can also be accessed by Korean Air and other SkyTeam airlines’ business class passengers and SkyTeam Elite Plus members.

KAL Lounge Fukuoka Seating
Fukuoka’s KAL Lounge is quite small.
KAL Lounge Fukuoka Cup Noodles
The most substantial food in the lounge are instant noodles.

Lounge Fukuoka

Lounge Fukuoka is open daily from the time international terminal’s security check gets opened all the way until the departure of the last flight. Priority Pass members are welcome in the lounge throughout its opening hours.

Like Korean Air’s KAL Lounge, Lounge Fukuoka lacks windows. That said, it is considerably larger and offers a wider variety of seating. In addition to a few sections with sofa chairs, there is also a business center with long counters along its either side lined with office chairs.

The lounge also offers an OK selection of drinks and food.

There are a selection of coffee drinks from a Costa Coffee branded espresso machine, some teas, a soda dispenser, some other soft drinks in pitchers, and even Japanese lounges’ well-known automated beer dispensers. On top of that, there are half a dozen or so different types of liquor.

In addition to bread and packaged snacks, there were also a couple of different warm meal options during my visit too. Those included curry rice, yakisoba noodles, and meatballs.

Being the international terminal’s sole contract lounge, Lounge Fukuoka is also used by most airlines operating international flights out of the airport for their business class passengers and elite status holders including Star Alliance Gold (that’s how I accessed the lounge in the past) and oneworld Sapphire and Emerald members.

Lounge Fukuoka Business Space
Lounge Fukuoka has a business center with fairly comfortable office chairs.
Lounge Fukuoka Food
A limited selection of warm food is available in Lounge Fukuoka.

What Is the Best Priority Pass Lounge at Fukuoka Airport?

If you are traveling on an international flight out of Fukuoka Airport and are looking to visit a Priority Pass lounge then the airport’s contract lounge – Lounge Fukuoka – is a much better option than the KAL Lounge.

While neither of the lounges has any daylight, Lounge Fukuoka is much larger than KAL Lounge which makes for a slightly nicer environment. Lounge Fukuoka also beats the KAL Lounge in pretty much every other aspect – it has a wider selection of seating types, better food selection including some warm (non-instant) options, and more drinks to choose from.

All that said, neither of the two Priority Pass lounges at Fukuoka Airport is something to write home about. As such, while I recommend paying a brief visit to Lounge Fukuoka if you have some time to spare at the airport before your flight and want to grab a bite to eat or have something to drink, don’t arrive too early.

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