Review: B&B Hotel Maribor

On a fun road trip around Slovenia that I did with my family during our recent trip to Europe, we needed a place to stay for one night in Maribor, the country’s second-largest city. After considering a couple of different options, I decided to book the B&B Hotel Maribor located right in the city center for 84 EUR (not including breakfast) for the night.

Continue reading to see what the hotel was like and whether you should consider staying there.

B&B Hotel Maribor
B&B Hotel Maribor.

Getting There

As we were on a road trip, we arrived at the B&B Hotel Maribor by car. Unfortunately, there is no parking lot directly at the hotel. That said, there is a reasonably priced public parking lot just across the street from the hotel.

If you are traveling with a lot of luggage and arriving by car, keep in mind that to get from the parking lot I link to above to the hotel, you will need to go through an underpass. While there is a ramp in addition to stairs, you might still find it a bit challenging to get to the hotel.

B&B Hotel Maribor Parking
Parking across the street from the hotel.
B&B Hotel Maribor Location
Pedestrian zone in front of the hotel.

Given that the hotel is right in the city center, it is also easy to access using public transportation. Additionally, in just a few minutes on foot, you can reach Maribor’s Main Square as well as the river Drava.

B&B Hotel Maribor Location
Drava River.
B&B Hotel Maribor Location
Maribor city center.

Check-in & Lobby

There were two reception desks at the B&B Hotel Maribor. When we arrived, there was only one front desk staff, though. That was also the case whenever I passed by the reception during our stay. Still, with no one else ahead of us, we were able to check in in no time.

The friendly agent also later helped me get some hot water to make our daughter’s milk since there was no kettle in the room.

In addition to the reception desks, there was also a pair of large sofas to the desks’ right and a pair of lounge chairs to the desks’ left.

B&B Hotel Maribor Reception
B&B Hotel Maribor Lobby
Seating near the reception.

Between the reception area and the elevators leading to the guest rooms was a breakfast area.

It consisted of a buffet counter and mainly tables for two. Along the windows were also some larger tables for four I will talk a bit more about the breakfast itself later on in this review.

B&B Hotel Maribor Breakfast Room
Breakfast room.
B&B Hotel Maribor Breakfast Room
Tables in the breakfast room.

Double Room

The B&B Hotel Maribor’s guest rooms were spread across three floors. While the rooms were on the building’s floors 4, 5, and 6, the room numbers were 101 to 136, 201 to 236, and 301 to 336. This broke the convention of hotel rooms’ first digit (or two) being the room’s floor number and made getting to one’s room a bit confusing.

One guest, in fact, returned to the reception mentioning that he couldn’t get to the second floor (his room number was 200-something) using the elevator he found and asking if there was another elevator.

B&B Hotel Maribor Room Numbering
Unconventional room numbering.

Our room was room 129 on the fourth floor (you see how confusing it is?).

The hallway, while uninspiring as one would expect from a simple hotel like this, was at least decorated with some photos of Maribor’s sights.

B&B Hotel Maribor Hallway

Entering the room, there was a short and narrow hallway leading to its main part. As is fairly typical, on one side of the hallway was the bathroom while on the other side was a closet.

The bathroom was small and very simply equipped. In addition to the sink and toilet, there was a shower. There was no handheld showerhead, only a fixed one. That said, the water pressure and temperature were fine. As is usually the case with hotels in  Europe, there was not much to speak of in terms of bathroom amenities.

B&B Hotel Maribor Room
Room entrance area.
B&B Hotel Maribor Bathroom

Like the bathroom, the main part of the room was compact as well. Most of the space was, unsurprisingly, taken up by a fairly comfortable double bed. Waiting on the bed were, in addition to the bedding, a pair of towels for me and my wife.

To the left of the bed was a nightstand with a lamp, a box of tissues, and a pair of power outlets and USB-A charging ports. There was also a mirror, and under the nightstand was a small ottoman.

To the right of the bed were a small refrigerator, a safe, and another set of power outlets and charging ports.

Above the bed, as well as on the wall across from the bed, were, in a similar fashion to the hallways, pictures of Maribor.

B&B Hotel Maribor Room
Room overview.
B&B Hotel Maribor Room
B&B Hotel Maribor Room

Across from the bed were a chair and a wall-mounted TV.

There were also additional power outlets and charging ports on some of the walls.

B&B Hotel Maribor Room
Chair and TV.
B&B Hotel Maribor Room Power Outlets
Power outlets.

It’s also worth noting that there was an air conditioner in the room and that the free wi-fi was working well.

B&B Hotel Maribor Room Air Conditioner
Air conditioner controller.

Unfortunately, there was no work desk in the room (I guess one could use the tables in the breakfast room during the day and at night) and the view from the room was nothing to write home about.

B&B Hotel Maribor Room View

Breakfast & Dining

When booking the B&B Hotel Maribor, I had the option to add a buffet breakfast for 7.2 EUR to my cancelable reservation. Those booking non-refundable rates paid in advance can add breakfast to their reservation for just 5 EUR. The breakfast was served from 7AM to 10AM.

The breakfast spread could all be found on one island counter in one of the breakfast area’s corners. There were some yogurts, cereals, a selection of bread and pastries, pancakes, cakes, eggs, pickles, and vegetables. Drinks included orange, apple, and multivitamin juices, water, coffee, and tea.

All in all, while it wasn’t the most amazing breakfast buffet I’ve seen, it seemed well worth the few extra euros.

B&B Hotel Maribor Breakfast
Breakfast buffet.
B&B Hotel Maribor Breakfast
Bread, pickles, and drinks.

That said, rather than having breakfast at the hotel, we decided to go to one of the many cafes within walking distance of the hotel. Namely, we went to Nana Bistro where my wife and I shared a mushroom omelet and eggs Benedict both of which were great.

Maribor Nana Bistro
Nana Bistro.
Maribor Nana Bistro
Eggs benedict.

Similarly, while there were no dining options in the hotel itself, with it being in the city center, there were plenty of restaurants within a walkable distance.

The evening we arrived, we had a great dinner at Baščaršija Etno Hiša, a Bosnian restaurant. In fact, originally, I booked a night in their apartment but with it being located right above the restaurant, I decided to cancel it and book the B&B Hotel Maribor instead.

Maribor Baščaršija
Dinner at Baščaršija.

B&B Hotel Maribor Summary

All in all, the B&B Hotel Maribor was a fine place to stay at. For the price, it provided an OK room and an excellent location. While we didn’t have breakfast at the hotel, from what I saw, the buffet looked decent for the low price (although it was nothing to write home about in the grand scheme of things).

If you are looking for a reasonably priced hotel in Maribor and do not need any of the bells and whistles that higher category hotels offer then the B&B Hotel is a good option to consider.

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