Review: Austrian Business Lounge (Schengen) at Vienna Airport

Prior to catching a business class flight from Vienna to Frankfurt back in October 2021, I had a chance to visit Austrian Airlines’ Schengen business class lounge in Vienna airport’s terminal 3. While I visited the old terminal’s Austrian Business Lounge in the past, this was my first time to step into the (relatively) new one.

Continue reading this review to see what the experience was like.

Austrian Airlines Business Class Lounge Vienna Schengen
Austrian Business Lounge (Schengen).

Location, Opening Hours & Access

The lounge is located after security, one floor above the main departures level in terminal 3. While the lounge serves F gates used for Schengen flights, to get there, you have to head toward non-Schengen G gates first. Upstairs, instead of going toward passport control, simply follow the signs into the lounge which can be found at the end of a long hallway overlooking the public side of the terminal.

Austrian Business Lounge shares reception with Senator Lounge which Star Alliance Gold status holders can access (I reviewed its non-Schengen counterpart here). Both of these lounges are located right next to the Sky Lounge which I reviewed before.

Austrian Airlines Business Class Lounge Vienna Schengen
The lounge was well signposted.

Business class passengers traveling on Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, and other Star Alliance airlines can enter the lounge. A number of other airlines including Bulgaria Air and Etihad seem to invite their passengers into this lounge too. As for status holders, Miles & More Frequent Travellers can enter the lounge even when flying in economy.

Lastly, all otherwise ineligible Austrian Airlines (and presumably other Star Alliance) passengers can buy access into the lounge for 39 EUR (35 EUR if booked in advance).

The lounge is open every day from 5:30AM until 10:30PM.

Austrian Airlines Business Class Lounge Vienna Schengen
Both the Business and Senator Lounges were in the same location.

Lounge Tour

With the lounge being L-shaped, one could either go straight ahead or turn right after entering it. Largely speaking, the area straight ahead was for dining with the area on the right side being for lounging and relaxation. Overall, the type of seating offered was largely the same all throughout the lounge, though.

Austrian Business Lounge Dining Area
Dining area.
Austrian Business Lounge Seating Area
Lounging area.

Starting with the lounging area, there were a few tables mostly with three green faux leather chairs each. There was also a bench of the same color. These were separated from the rest of the lounge with thin, see-through curtains for a bit of privacy. Further down, there was an area with a very similar set-up except the chairs being red and lacking armrests.

While I didn’t go inside and thus cannot report on the details, this area also included an entrance into the lounge’s shower rooms.

Austrian Business Lounge Seating Area
Red seats on the lounging side.

Further down in this part of the lounge, there was an area with a few green and gray lounging chairs with ottomans (and a pair of TVs) on the left. On the right, there was an area with more of the green chairs behind the same type of thin, see-through curtains as mentioned earlier.

Austrian Business Lounge TV
TV area.
Austrian Business Lounge Seating Area
Seating in the TV area.
Austrian Business Lounge Seating Area
Seating area with chairs and ottomans.

At the very back, there were some more tables with one chair each and a single table for two. There was also a separate, walled-off quiet room. The room was divided into a few small areas, each featuring a lounging chair, an ottoman, and a small table.

While it was nice that the lounge included a quiet room where one could get some sleep, it would have been even nicer if it was equipped with more comfortable seats or lounging beds than what was available in the main part of the lounge.

Austrian Business Lounge Seating
Seating in the very back of the lounging side.
Austrian Business Lounge Quiet Room
Quiet room.
Austrian Business Lounge Quiet Room
Seating in the quiet room.

Going back to the entrance of the lounge, where the two parts of the “L” met, there was the buffet area. In addition to a couple of counters with food and drinks (more on that later), it was equipped with a few counter-height tables, each with three stools.

Further down, there were tables with red faux leather chairs (both with and without armrests) and benches. The restrooms were very small compared to the lounge’s capacity and could be found in this area too.

Austrian Business Lounge Dining Area
Counter-height tables in the dining area.
Austrian Business Lounge Dining Area
More seating in the dining area.
Austrian Business Lounge Dining Area
There were some benches too.

In the very back of this part of the lounge, there was a long and narrow section with the same type of red seating. At the very end, there was a single grey chair with an ottoman and a table. The one noteworthy thing about this part of the lounge is that it offered some views of the apron and runway action.

Austrian Business Lounge Seating
Seating in the very back of the dining side of the lounge.
Austrian Business Lounge Airport View
Single seat in the very back of the dining side of the lounge.

Food and Drinks

Other than some Vivil candies available at the lounge’s entrance/exit, all of the food and drinks in the Austrian Business Lounge could be found in the buffet area just past the entrance.

Austrian Business Lounge Vivil Candies

In terms of drinks, there was a refrigerator with bottled water, soda (including Coke, ginger ale, Almdudler, etc.), ice tea, and a few brands of beer. Apple and orange juices, as well as plain, orange, and lemon water were available on one of the counters too.

Austrian Business Lounge Drinks
Soft drinks and beer.
Austrian Business Lounge Drinks
Juices and water.

Hot drinks included a variety of coffee drinks from an espresso machine and a selection of Julius Meinl tea bags.

Austrian Business Lounge Coffee
Hot drinks.
Austrian Business Lounge Tea

In addition to beer, there was also a selection of wines and liquors on one of the counters.

Austrian Business Lounge Coffee Wine
Austrian Business Lounge Coffee Liquor

Snacks included jars with nuts, pretzels, gums, etc. There was also a selection of bread and pastries including ham and vegetarian sandwiches.

Austrian Business Lounge Coffee Snacks
Austrian Business Lounge Food
Austrian Business Lounge Coffee Bread

Packs of cereals and plain and fruits yogurts were available too.

Additionally, there was a rack with boxes of fresh fruit including pears, bananas, lemons, Mandarin oranges, plums, and a couple of different types of apples. This was, perhaps, my favorite part of the lounge.

Austrian Business Lounge Coffee Breakfast
Austrian Business Lounge Yogurts
Austrian Business Lounge Fruits

The only hot food available was some eggs. Those were served at a manned station and came with a variety of toppings and sides.

Austrian Business Lounge Hot Breakfast

Austrian Business Lounge (Schengen) Vienna Summary

All in all, I found the Austrian Airlines business class lounge in Vienna to be alright but nothing to write home about. While the food selection was quite limited, it was of decent quality and more than enough considering that the lounge primarily serves passengers traveling on short flights around Schengen. The fresh fruit was a nice bonus.

That said, the variety of seating available was very limited. As you could see, the seating mostly consisted of fairly simple and cheap looking faux leather seats and lacked any sofas or any work desks. In this regard, I found the Sky Lounge which is accessible with Priority Pass to be much nicer.

To sum it up, while you should definitely stop by if you have access and happen to have some time, I wouldn’t arrive at the airport early just to visit the lounge. I also wouldn’t pay to enter the lounge if I didn’t have complimentary access.

2 thoughts on “Review: Austrian Business Lounge (Schengen) at Vienna Airport”

  1. I think this lounge could have been better. Specially when it comes to the chairs. The chairs and also so-called relaxing chairs are the worst ever. They were the least comfortable chairs I’ve ever experienced

  2. I arrived at the lounge after a 10 hour flight. I am disappointed to say the least, I find the restaurant areas in my local ikea stores much nicer.
    The seating area was crowded and completely without charm.
    I don’t look forward to waiting here for the next three hours for our connecting flight. I’d rather go out and sit a restaurant outside of the lounge.

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