Review: Asiana Lounge at Jeju Airport

I only had about an hour at Jeju Airport after arriving on a Korean Air A220 during my quick trip to Korea in January 2024. That was more than enough, however, to briefly visit both the airport’s Asiana Lounge and KAL Lounge before flying back to Seoul onboard Asiana’s 767-300.

Continue reading to see what the Asiana Lounge, which has not changed much since I last reviewed it in 2017, was like.

Asiana Lounge Jeju
Asiana Lounge at Jeju Airport.

Location & Opening Hours

Asiana Airlines’ lounge at Jeju Airport is located landside. In other words, you will need to clear security between visiting the lounge and boarding your flight, which can make it a bit challenging to plan the best time to leave the lounge since the length of the line at security check can vary.

The lounge is on the airport’s domestic terminal’s third floor, on the right side of Asiana’s check-in desks. It is tucked in an aisle behind an area with several different shops.

Asiana Lounge Jeju Location
Asiana check-in counters.
Asiana Lounge Jeju Location
The lounge was next to Paris Baguette and other stores.

Asiana Lounge in Jeju is open every day from 5:30AM to 9PM, which covers all Asiana Airlines domestic departures out of the airport.

Entry Requirements

The Asiana Lounge in Jeju follows Star Alliance’s standard lounge access policy. In other words, it can be accessed by passengers departing on Asiana Airlines in business class, as well as by Star Alliance Gold members regardless of their travel class. The latter can bring in one guest.

Additionally, the lounge is also part of the Priority Pass network. Members can only use their Priority Pass membership to enter the lounge if traveling on Asiana Airlines, though. If you are traveling on a different airline (or even Asiana) and have Priority Pass, you can use Korean Air’s KAL Lounge instead.

Asiana Lounge Jeju Entrance

Lounge Tour

The Asiana Lounge in Jeju was about as simple as it gets. It was essentially a fairly small room with a small buffet area (more about that later) and a couple of different types of seating.

There were no restrooms or showers in the lounge. Access to power outlets was sparse.

Also, unlike when I visited previously, there were no workstations with computers. While I did not mind there being no computers (does anyone still use those anyways?), it would have been nice if the workstations/desks themselves were left intact as they would have provided a good option for those who needed to get some work done.

Asiana Lounge Jeju Buffet

As for the seating, there were rows of lounge chairs facing a wall-mounted TV which was, unsurprisingly, showing some Korean program. There were also some more lounge chairs in the middle of the lounge.

Then, along the windows, which offered some views of aircraft, was a counter with a few seats.

Lastly, next to the buffet were a couple of tables for two with a bench on one side and a chair on the other.

Asiana Lounge Jeju Seating
Seating facing the TV.
Asiana Lounge Jeju Seating
Asiana Lounge Jeju Seating
Dining tables.
Asiana Lounge Jeju Books

Food and Drinks

Like the lounge itself, the food and drinks selection in the Asiana Lounge at Jeju Airport was nothing to write home about. Then again, the lounge serves passengers departing on short, one-hour domestic flights within South Korea.

There was a very limited selection of packaged snacks including biscuits and Mentos.

Then, there were canned soft drinks including Coke, Gatorade (that’s one I don’t think I’ve seen in a lounge before), and milk tea. Orange and tomato juice boxes and a water dispenser were available too.

Lastly, hot drinks included a selection of coffee drinks from an espresso machine and a couple of different types of tea.

There was no alcohol.

Asiana Lounge Jeju Snacks
Asiana Lounge Jeju Drinks
Cold soft drinks.
Asiana Lounge Jeju Coffee
Asiana Lounge Jeju Tea

Asiana Lounge Jeju Summary

Overall, the Asiana Lounge at Jeju Airport is not a place where you want to arrive early. Instead, with the fairly limited amount of seating and a limited selection of refreshments, it is a place to stop by if you have access and are thirsty or want to have a quick snack.

As mentioned earlier, however, given the type of flights the lounge serves, one could say the lounge is adequate. Most passengers likely arrive as close to their departure time as possible anyway.

If you do, however, need a place to spend some time in and have a Priority Pass membership, I recommend visiting the KAL Lounge which is larger and nicer instead. You can do so if you have the membership even if you are traveling on Asiana Airlines.

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