Review: ANA Lounge at Kagoshima Airport

To complement its extensive network of domestic flights around Japan, ANA operates lounges at a dozen airports around the country. While the largest airports tend to have both an ANA Lounge as well as the better ANA Suite Lounge for the airline’s top-tier status holders, the smaller airports only have the former.

During my ANA Super Flyers mileage run, I had a chance to spend time in a number of different ANA Lounges including the one at Kagoshima airport on the island of Kyushu. Continue reading this review to see what the lounge was like.

Review: ANA Lounge at Kagoshima Airport
ANA Lounge Kagoshima.

Location, Opening Hours & Access

Unlike the airport’s “card lounge” – Sky Lounge Nanohana – the ANA Lounge is located airside.

With Kagoshima airport being small, the lounge is very easy to find – just turn left after clearing security. The lounge is located across from gates 5 and 6.

Kagoshima Airport
Kagoshima airport.

The ANA Lounge at Kagoshima airport is open every day from 6:15AM until the departure of the last ANA flight.

Like all other domestic ANA Lounges, the one in Kagoshima can be accessed in a number of different ways. Below passengers traveling on an ANA flight can get in free of charge:

  • ANA Platinum, Diamond, and Super Flyers status holders including one companion (additional companions can be brought in for 2,000 miles or 2 upgrade points per companion)
  • ANA Million Miler Lounge Access Card holders including one companion (additional companions can be brought in for 2,000 miles per companion)
  • Premium Class passengers
  • Star Alliance Gold members

Additionally, ANA Bronze members can get in for 1,000 miles or 2 upgrade points with additional 2 upgrade points required per companion. That said, considering what the lounge has to offer, accessing the lounge does not represent a good use of miles or upgrade points.

Unlike the ANA Lounges at larger airports, it is not possible to pay for access into the one at Kagoshima airport. Not that it would be worth it even if it were possible anyways…

ANA Lounge Kagoshima

Lounge Tour

Past the lounge’s entrance, there was a reception desk on the right side. Across from the reception desk were three phone booths.

Unfortunately, they weren’t enclosed and so were not as effective at giving people the option to take phone calls in privacy and without disturbing other guests as those at the Sky Lounge Nanohana or some other lounges in Japan. That said, having a dedicated area for phone calls is still better than people just talking on their phones inside the actual lounge.

ANA Lounge Kagoshima
ANA Lounge Kagoshima Phone Booths
Phone booths.

Going further in, there were a magazine rack with ANA’s in-flight magazine and a flight information display. Then there were a drinks area (more about that later), a check-in machine, and a restroom.

ANA Lounge Kagoshima
Magazine rack and FIDS.
ANA Lounge Kagoshima Refreshments Area
Refreshments area.

The lounge had two seating areas – one on either side of the above facilities.

On the left side was a lounging area. The area was equipped with sofa chairs, mostly lined along the room’s walls. Each chair was equipped with a long but narrow side table that was fine for placing a drink but not useful for much else and also had access to a power outlet.

While the vast majority of chairs were laid out for individual travelers, there were also a few arranged in unpartitioned pairs.

ANA Lounge Kagoshima Seating
Seating in the lounging area.
ANA Lounge Kagoshima Lounging Area
Double seats.

On the right side was a “business” area. The seating in this area consisted of swivel chairs fixed to the ground along multiple counters – some along the walls and some in the middle of the room.

Each seat had access to two power outlets.

ANA Lounge Kagoshima Business Area
Business area.

One last thing worth noting is that due to the location of the lounge and the lack of windows caused by that, there was no natural light in the lounge. This was one of the reasons why I preferred the card lounge which, while lacking views, at least had windows.

Food and Drinks

Another reason I preferred Kagoshima airport’s card lounge to the ANA Lounge was the latter’s selection of refreshments or lack thereof.

Like in all other domestic ANA Lounges (ANA Suite Lounges are slightly better), there was no food to speak of. The only bite to eat that was available in the lounge were packs of rice crackers.

ANA Lounge Kagoshima Snacks

In terms of drinks, there was a soft drinks dispenser with Coke, Coke Zero, carbonated water, Minute Maid orange juice, ginger ale, Real Gold (energy drink), and green tea. There were also pitchers with milk and tomato juice.

Additionally, there was also a pair of automatic Asahi draft beer dispensers. For those that drink beer, this is an advantage of the ANA Lounge compared to Sky Lounge Nanohana where beer comes at an extra charge.

ANA Lounge Kagoshima Drinks
ANA Lounge Kagoshima
More drinks.

Lastly, there were hot drinks including coffee and a decent selection of teas.

ANA Lounge Kagoshima Coffee
Coffee machine.
ANA Lounge Kagoshima Tea

ANA Lounge Kagoshima Summary

Compared to lounges available to domestic passengers in many other countries, domestic lounges in Japan are nothing to write home about. In line with that, while the ANA Lounge in Kagoshima provided some refreshments and a quiet place to sit compared to the seating areas outside the lounge, that was about it.

That said, the refreshments were – like in all other domestic ANA Lounges – minimal. There was a small selection of cold and hot soft drinks and Asahi beer. There was nothing to eat other than some rice crackers.

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