Review: AeroRooms (Prague Airport Hotel)

While I had the option of staying at one of my friends’ places before catching my flight from Prague earlier this year, since I was departing in the morning, I decided to stay as close to the airport as possible instead. Looking for various options, all of the international chain hotels seemed to be considerably more expensive on the night I needed to stay than on nights around my stay.

I found something called AeroRooms on Google Hotels – it caught my attention as it wasn’t bookable through any of the major OTAs. It turned out it’s an accommodation operated by Prague airport offering rooms directly in the terminal, both landside and airside.

AeroRooms Prague Airport Hotel

AeroRooms Booking and Rates

While now some nights appear to be bookable through OTAs, as mentioned above, when I stayed, stays had to be booked directly. Considering the limited inventory available on OTA websites, booking directly might be the better option even now.

The booking process was very manual but simple. All I had to do was fill out a form on the AeroRooms website (which is part of the Prague Airport website). Not long after submitting the form, I received an email from the “Airport Lounges Agent” with a PDF confirmation of the reservation.

It is worth noting that one of the advantages of AeroRooms (at least for now) is that instead of using dynamic pricing to increase prices when demand is high, rooms are offered at fixed prices.

Night stays (6PM check-in/10AM check-out) cost 1,999 CZK (approx. 82 USD) for single/double rooms and 2,998 CZK (approx. 122 USD) for triple rooms. Daytime stays (10AM check-in/4PM check-out) cost 999 CZK (approx. 40 USD) and 1,998 CZK (approx. 82 USD) respectively.

Getting to AeroRooms

Since I wasn’t transiting in Prague but originating there, I stayed in the landside part of AeroRooms located before the security check. Being located directly inside the terminal, location-wise it is about as convenient as it gets when departing from Prague airport.

The hotel’s entrance can be found in the hallway connecting Terminal 1 with Terminal 2, next to a KFC joint. The way to the hotel is well-signposted (at least from Terminal 1 where I got dropped off by a taxi) and with a large AeroRooms sign above its entrance, the hotel is hard to miss.

To enter the hotel, one needs to ring a video bell after which the reception staff will open the door. Behind the door was a long hallway (pictured at the top of this review) at the end of which was an elevator leading to the reception.

AeroRooms Location
Signs pointing to AeroRooms.
AeroRooms Entrance

Check-in and Lobby

At the simple reception desk located in the same hallway as the hotel rooms, I was greeted by a friendly receptionist. In no time – after presenting my ID and paying for the room – I had a key to a room just a few meters away from the reception in my hand.

AeroRooms Entrance
Elevator leading to the hotel.

In terms of amenities, there wasn’t much to speak of. The hotel didn’t have any restaurants and did not offer breakfast. That said, being directly in the terminal, multiple dining options (including the KFC next to which the hotel’s entrance is located) were just a few minutes away.

That said, there was a (really) small lounging area. In addition to a coffee table and a seat, it was also equipped with a coin-operated coffee machine and a vending machine with drinks and snacks.

There was also a screen showing departures.

AeroRooms Lounging Area
Lounging area.
AeroRooms Lounging Area
FIDS in the lounging area.

Guest Room

I was assigned room 8 at the end of the hallway, across from the lounging area.

AeroRooms Hallway
AeroRooms Floor Plan
Floor plan.

Stepping into the room, there was a large entryway with a clothing rack. Going further was an entrance into the actual room (while there was a door frame, there was no door). Turning right, there was an entrance into the bathroom.

AeroRooms Room Entryway

The room was decently sized and featured a double bed. Considering that there were two mattresses that were quite far apart from each other and separated by wooden boards, it was more like two single beds placed next to each other, though. On either side of the bed was a nightstand with a light. With the mattresses being a bit too thin, the bed wasn’t extremely comfortable.

Across from the bed was a TV stand with a TV and a faux plant. On either end of the room was a red chair (the same type as in the lounging area). The chair at the further end of the room also came with an ottoman.

My favorite feature of the room was a large print of an Airbus A350 photo displayed above the bed.

AeroRooms Room
Room overview.
AeroRooms Room
Looking toward the room entrance.
AeroRooms Room
Seating next to the bed.

While the room had a window, the views were nothing to write home about.

AeroRooms Room
Window view.

As for the bathroom, just like the room, it was relatively large but extremely bare bones.

There was a sink with a large mirror above it, a toilet that was mounted very high, and a corner with a shower that was separated from the rest of the bathroom with curtains. The water pressure in the shower was decent.

In terms of amenities, only the essentials like soap were provided.

AeroRooms Bathroom
AeroRooms Bathroom
Toilet and shower.
AeroRooms Bathroom

AeroRooms Prague Airport Summary

Overall, I have mixed feelings about AeroRooms. I think it’s great that the airport directly offers an accommodation option inside the terminal. The location is about as good as it gets if you need to catch an early flight and the (for now) fixed pricing is very welcome when staying on days with higher demand leading to higher prices at other hotels nearby.

That said, the accommodation itself was about as basic as it gets. As such, if I had an early morning flight to catch and AeroRooms was considerably cheaper than other hotels near the airport, I would stay there again. Otherwise, though, I would most likely opt for one of the “proper” hotels near the airport.

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