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KN Aviation My Flight Log

KN Aviation My Flight Log is a ready-made logbook in which you can record data about the airline flights you take.

It saves you the hassle of having to design your own log sheet and print it before each of the flights you take.

The logbook comes with pre-printed flight data sheets that you can fill out easily.

Three Reasons to Maintain a Flight Log

It's a great way to document your travels as well as have something tangible to remind you of the flights you enjoyed in the past.

It will allow you to look back into the past and see how many miles you've flown, what airlines you tried, and so on.

It's a conversation-starter if you are planning to ask for a cockpit visit after landing or similar.

A Peek into My Flight Log

One My Flight Log can fit 19 flights with a two-page spread dedicated to each flight.

The spread contains flight information fields as well as space for a message to your form the flight crew and for your notes.

Besides the flight record spreads, the log book has a title page where you can introduce yourself to the flight crew, and an index page where you can list the flights contained in the book.

A Peek into My Flight Log


Title Page

Flight Record

Flight Record

Flight Index

Index Page

My Flight Log in Action

Below, you can find some of the flight record sheets that I got from My Flight Log users. If you are using the product and have some cool entry that you would like to have featured here, you can send it to keishi[at]

Are You Ready to Start Logging Your Flights?

Occasional Flyer

Occasional Flyer Pack

1 My Flight Log
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  • 1 My Flight Log included
  • Record up to 19 flights
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Regular Flyer

Frequent Flyer Pack

3 My Flight Logs
$ 27
  • 3 My Flight Logs included
  • Record up to 57 flights
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Frequent Flyer

Globe-Trotter Pack

5 My Flight Logs
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  • Record up to 95 flights
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